Development custom web-solutions on Symfony 2 framework

What we offer

Our development team has solid experience with development on PHP and after serious research we've chose Symfony 2 as main framework for our custom web projects. Our developers use Symfony 2 in complex projects more than 3 years and have deep understanding of this framework and wide experience of using Symfony2 for solving business needs of our Clients.

We ready to provide technical review of your requirements and give you detailed feedback if Symfony2 will be optimal platform for your project or not.

We can allocate skilled Symfony2 developers to your project on project base, as dedicated team or on time and material base.

We guarantee quality of our work and offer money back for first 2 weeks period if client not happy with results of our work.

Why to choose Symfony 2 framework for your project?

Symfony 2 - the leading PHP-based framework to create websites and web applications that built on top of the Symfony Components. Components of Symfony are used in the best PHP applications, such as Drupal, phpBB and eZ Publish.

This framework gives us and our clients serious benefits like:

Excellent performance

In the web development, it is not a rare situation for people to become concerned with the performance of an application, especially in CMS based projects. Even if you were to take everything apart, performance optimization is no easy task.On the other hand, Symfony2 was conceived from the start to be fast, with a strong emphasis on performance. By way of comparison, Symfony2 is about 3 times faster than Symfony Version 1.4 and Zend Framework 1.10, while also taking up 2 times less memory.

Unlimited flexibility

Whatever your needs are, Symfony2 will be adaptable. Its dependency injector and the Event Dispatcher make it entirely configurable, with each of the bricks being fully independent. A 3-in-1 framework, of sorts:

  • Full Stack (complete version): you want to develop a complex application and you need many functionalities.
  • Brick by brick: you build your framework according to the functionalities that you will need.
  • Microframework: as a standalone, Symfony2 can also be used to develop a specific functionality in one of your projects. Without having to redevelop everything and without installing the entire framework, but only the specific brick that you need.


From the smallest brick to the complete core itself, everything is presented as a “bundle” (or plug-in in Symfony language) in Symfony2. Each bundle is intended to add functionality to the framework, of course, and each bundle can also be reused in another project or shared with the rest of the community.

In any case, the system of bundles allows everything to change within Symfony, including the core itself. Using the system’s interface contracts between bricks, the behavior of the framework thus can be changed at will, without requiring complete reconfiguration.

We recommend to use Symfony framework for projects that have specific business logic and have high requirements to application performance. It's really good base for development different kind of API and backend for mobile application.

Technologies and Tools Used: