Development eCommerce solutions on Magento platform

Our development team has good experience with development eCommerce solutions on Magento. We use Magento in our projects more than 4 years and during this time we've collected solid experience in customization this CMS to business requirements. We know strong and weak sides of Magento and can suggest optimal solution for your project.

What we offer

  • Development online-store from scratch on Magento CMS. It's include design of all site pages, slicing design into HTML and convert it into Magento theme, install and configure ready-made extensions and development custom extensions for some specific functionality that is not implemented by Magento core or ready-made extensions.
  • Development custom extensions for Magento.
  • Design and slicing custom Magento themes.
  • Solve performance issues. Optimize server for better performance.

Why to choose Magento for your eCommerce project?

Magento - flexible, feature-rich open source eCommerce solution. First general-availability release was published on March 31, 2008 and now Magento is used on 240,000 customer sites.

According to research conducted by aheadWorks in October 2014, Magento's market share among the 30 most popular e-commerce platforms is about 30%.

Magento has many features that each online-store needs right in core package. Admin area of Magento CMS very powerful and allow to create categories and add products really easy. It's support import info about products from files so you can add many products in short period of time. Magento support configurable product attributes and allow to create different attribute's sets. It's allow to setup for different type of products attributes that they really have and configure powerful filters by these attributes (Layered Navigation).

Online-store require online payment processing and Magento support many popular payment gateways out of the box. For accept payment via PayPal, you just need to configure extensions via admin area.

One of interesting features that Magento has in default configuration is price rules extensions that allow to create different discounts with complex conditions via simple visual editor. Magento support also different users group that allow you to setup different prices for each group or get different discounts.

So if you need powerful solution for your online-sore then Magento will be optimal platform for your project.