Why Drupal?

Why Drupal is cool web platform?

Hi, I saw video by Thad Martin from Acquia regarding selling Drupal.

It's amazing. I love it. this is probably the best video explaining Why Drupal.    He has shared an awesome analogy that Drupal is like a Lego, and Drupal developer can deliver almost anything using Drupal, if having proper approach.

And drag-n-drop option to move blocks on the page that is available from Drupal 8 makes it even more similar to Lego. Drop in and create your online Universe with Drupal using best practices of assembling web experience.

There is an amazing long list of domains and long list of website types that could be delivered on Drupal.

So if you have 1 page landing you can make decision to add e-commerce and start selling on-line. You can do that with Drupal e-commerce module.

Another day you may decide to create corporate  portal and integrate that into current website and you can do that again. You can create new scenarios with restricted area, where you can create profiles, and project list and manage time spent per project inside your time. Drupal is scalable and very capable at the same time  and it's not just Blogging platform as Wordpress or e-commerce platform like Magento, it's a Web Lego and you can create anything you may imagine including e-commerce for digital  products, community website, corporate portals, product websites, on-line journals, educational websites, e-learning or whatever you can imagine. You can integrate all this functionality uder one platform.

So when you decide to add blog, and again Drupal brings you options for that.

You can add blog and bring more audience to your website  (that usually results to higher traffic and higher conversions).

Next thing, you can integrate any 3rd party service if you have  API and documentation. This might be needed to payment system integrations, for other 3rd party products that might be needed for large scale resources.

So Why Drupal?

  • Drupal it is highly scalable
  • It’s free, zero money for licence
  • Drupal is secure and can support high peak load easily
  • A lot of functionality is available from the box
  • Extended community support (that means that it’s easy to find a piece of  advice for any tech questions you may have from Drupal army at Drupal.org)
  • Almost any functionality can be created and added to the website later.  

Thad mentioned The Economist, Aljaziira, Grammy.com and other high traffic sites was being able to handle peak load up to 70 Million users due to Drupal and proper DevOps chosen.

Please ping me a message if you are looking to add any functionality to your Drupal website or interested to switch to Drupal from your current solution.


Wise Team