Success Stories Of Outsourcing

success stories of outsourcing

You’re starting a new product or platform, or tool or anything you can name. First you need someone to be able to handle development jobs to transform your idea into action. Let’s accent that your product is actually YOUR and you LOVE it and want that techy guy to love your project too. You start to search, try to work with different candidates, often facing one of the three problems: lack of competence, lack of “ownership” or you may just not have enough money to pay them for their work. Time is running out and you’re still on the same place as well as your definitely awesome idea. We’re living in 7 billion world and someone is already got your idea and outperforming you right now. It’s sad, isn’t it? But STOP! What’s going on? We’re not so common and we have an ace in the hole!

Magento Speed & Page ​Loading ​T​ime: What ​C​auses ​I​ssues

Magento speed and page loading time

Our Magento dev team works with Magento for 5+ years to the date, helping customers to refine websites and perform code review and website analysis for current Magento stores to find out bugs and speed & page loading issues.
There were some common mistakes found for a vast majority of cases, where we have complaints for low Speed & Page loading time resulting to the fact that visitors close browser tab right after entering the page.

Adding Shopping Quiz to e-Commerce Website Increases Sales for 22%: TechCrunch Says

Adding Shopping Quiz to e-Commerce Website Increases Sales for 22%: TechCrunch Says

Client knows nothing about who you are and what you do, and what characteristics your products have. Quiz can be a very nice interactive form to find out your customer needs. ​Also quiz gives you that feel similar to mobile expertise, where we have magic touch to choose between options provided. User is choosing from images not from drop-down menu or from filter where options listed can be unclear. User chooses what he see and it is sold. ​

Magento 2: Marketing Tools

Marketing tools in Magento 2 eCommerce platform

Today I want to discuss marketing solutions that Magento 2 provides to you from the box. Some of them like bundled and grouped products, cross sell and upsells has been discussed in my previous articles but today I want to tell you about the most powerful marketing tools. Let’s talk about Marketing page in admin panel of Magento. Here’s what we have in Marketing menu:

Magento 2: Product Management

Magento 2: How to manage Products in Admin area

Hi everyone!

If you still remember recently I promised to tell you about product management in Magento 2.

So straight to the point!

First of all to manage the products you need to add them. Magento 2 gives you an ability to upload products manually or you can import them from CSV/XML format. You can perform this by going to System -> Import.

Here we need to select entity types to be imported(products in our case) and then set up import behaviour. Please note that from default not all product types can be imported. But this can be improved by installing some 3-rd party modules.

Why Drupal?

Why we choose Drupal?

I saw video by Thad Martin from Acquia regarding selling Drupal.

It's amazing. I love it. this is probably the best video explaining Why Drupal. He has shared an awesome analogy that Drupal is like a Lego, and Drupal developer can deliver almost anything using Drupal, if having proper approach.

And drag-n-drop option to move blocks on the page that is available from Drupal 8 makes it even more similar to Lego. Drop in and create your online Universe with Drupal using best practices of assembling web experience.

There is an amazing long list of domains and long list of website types that could be delivered on Drupal.

Migration To Drupal 8: Main Aspects

 Migration To Drupal 8: Main Aspects

Recently we have got a couple of requests for Drupal migration. One of our clients applied module Migrate for his multilingual website and it appeared that translations were created as new nodes, not connected to the original text. We started to investigate his approach and we found out that migration requires special approach in case if your Drupal website has a lot of custom code applied.

Drupal 8: What's New?

Review of Drupal 8 features and benefits

After D8 release about seven months have passed and Drupal shows that new version of popular web-platform has good potential. Also, as you may know from our recent blog entry, we participated in Drupal Camp 2016 hosted in Kyiv. So I want to summarize some thoughts about Drupal 8 in terms of new features included to the Drupal core and who might be interested in.

During last years stable trend in web-development is responsive design for achieving best layout on mobile devices. So if you want to build your website - you will have responsive design by default. Drupal use mobile-first approach in UI and front-end development that gives serious benefits in development modern web-systems. Moreover, not only clients design but admin side is also responsive so content manager now can comfortably edit website from their phones, tablets or any other device while sitting on the beach of sunny California:)

Drupal Camp Kyiv 2016

DrupalCamp 2016 - Kyiv logo

Hi everyone!

This Saturday we enjoyed participating Drupal Camp Kyiv 2016! It was really awesome and full of joy event. Four streams, 32 lectures about Drupal 8, soft skills, team management and many other. We gained massive volume of knowledge and fresh insights.

Magento 2: What Is Available From The Box

magento 2 from the box
Hi everyone!

Today I want to discuss with you one very important thing on modern market. Influence of this thing is crucial nowadays for both B2B and B2C markets. I want to talk a little about e-commerce, about its trends and effective solution to be on the peak of those trends.